On Friday morning Facebook announced it would be updating its news feed algorithm to include more posts from users’ friends and family, and downgrading posts from businesses and media.

Essentially you’ll see more of what’s happening in your social circle than content being posted by other pages.

Facebook accepts this may impact their own metrics and expects users to spend less time on the site.

So how does this affect you and your business?

You’ll need to come up with more engaging content. The algorithm will be geared to promote content that generates discussion and sharing between friends.

It’ll also promote live video and celebrity posts as they encourage interaction.

In my opinion I believe this will actually benefit the smaller players in the market. They may not have the current social reach the big players do but if they connect with their users in a more genuine way, it’s likely they’ll end up in more news feeds.

This change may also see the beginning of the end for the click-bait headline. News sites won’t be able to just post an article with a solid Facebook spend behind it to reach their audience.

Businesses will have to build more genuine connections with their users and produce content that encourages debate.

The changes to the algorithms will occur over the coming months so now is the time to begin looking at how you interact with your social audience and what changes you’ll need to make.

Need help with making those changes?

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